Number Tricks is a tool for developing number sense and basic algnumber-tricksebraic understanding in middle and high school grades. The basic premise is for students to do mental math with whole numbers, signed numbers, fractions and decimals. They are also asked to represent these calculations algebraically.

It has a consistent structure with flexible implementation. An example of a Number Trick is shown below.


To help you facilitate Number Tricks in your classroom, The Math Projects Journal offers both …

1) a blank Number Tricks Handout sheet for you and your students to create original Number Tricks,

2) and ready-made Number Tricks listed below. These tricks are categorized as follows:

(LQSimplifying Linear & Quadratic Expressions
(MFMultiplying and Factoring Polynomials
(RE) Simplifying Rational Expressions

The fundamental category that spans all grade levels is LQ, while MF and RE are appropriate for Algebra 1 & 2 courses. For instruction on teaching with Number Tricks, see the blog offered on this site. This a growing list, so please feel free to contribute your own Number Tricks to journal@mathprojects.com.

Linear &



 2x + 3 – 2x = 3


x^2 + 6x + 8  3x/x

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